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Completed Projects

The following jobs were completed by Floodbusters Basements. We do not publish customer's contact information to protect their privacy. If you have any questions regarding any of the jobs or need reference, please call us.

Micaela F

Baltimore, MD
April 10, 2019

Solutions Provided

Went out to inspect previous work and sealed wall with concrete sealer and second coat of hydraulic cement

Earlene F

Baltimore, MD
March 4, 2019

Solutions Provided

I added 7 feet of track and flange.

Joyce B

Baltimore, MD
February 7, 2019

Solutions Provided

I had locate small cracks under washtub and behind sheetrock.I recommend adding 5ft of flange to that wall. Also recommended an ams

Benjamin M

Springdale, MD
February 4, 2019

Solutions Provided

I used joint compound and tape. I came back on another day to sand after drying

Marina L

Rockville, MD
February 4, 2019

Solutions Provided

I added an 1 1/2 t to make by lines fit.

Flowers, Earlene

Baltimore, MD
January 30, 2019

Solutions Provided

I suggested we add an additional 12ft of system to control moisture from that corner.

James H

Silver Spring, MD
January 28, 2019

Solutions Provided

I fixed the crack and wrapped the wall with thermo shield.

Joseph B

Catonsville, MD
January 21, 2019

Solutions Provided

Full perimeter system except behind shower, 1 sump 2 liners, thermal shield wall protection & water alarm

Tim W

Essex, MD
January 18, 2019

Solutions Provided

I carefully measured my work area and determined that a pit would fit in the same spot. I also added a new sump to take away the water.

Jigneshkumar P

Hanover, MD
January 14, 2019

Solutions Provided

I pinned back insulation. completed repair with crack shield and placed into existing water relief system

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