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Completed Projects

The following jobs were completed by Floodbusters Basements. We do not publish customer's contact information to protect their privacy. If you have any questions regarding any of the jobs or need reference, please call us.

Miracle City Decon Swann

October 10, 2019

Solutions Provided

Healthy basement grate drain system installed with lateral drain and trench drain.

Thomas D

October 9, 2019

Solutions Provided

Re-parge out of foundation with mortar mix cement.

Ken & Emily P

October 2, 2019

Solutions Provided

We completed our 12 point annual maintenance service check list.

Kelsey & Lucas P

September 27, 2019

Solutions Provided

Customer had two new sump pumps installed and crawlspace is now dry.

Amy & Marc

September 27, 2019

Solutions Provided

Used a product called crack shield that is an epoxy and carbon fiber to stop the crack from leaking.

Gary R

Havre De Grace, MD
September 25, 2019

Solutions Provided

Injected and sealed wall with carbon fiber and made a grate solution for this problem.

Peggy W

Baltimore, MD
September 20, 2019

Solutions Provided

We used the healthy basement solution with our grate drain system and grate sumps.

Lester S

September 19, 2019

Solutions Provided

Installed new Grate Sump and Liner and pipe away water from sump pump and downspout underground.

Carol G

Baltimore, MD
September 17, 2019

Solutions Provided

We performed our 12 point annual maintenance service checklist.

Rina W

Baltimore, MD
September 16, 2019

Solutions Provided

Solution was done by underground piping work to send water in another direction.

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